Self-Education.pngSomehow, along the way, we have been taught to be afraid of who we truly are. I personally blame it on the grading system, the constant competitions and comparisons of fellow humans. But the thing is, you are the only person that truly knows yourself, so what are you afraid of? Seek from within and face who you are. Embrace the good and the bad. Discover the reasons why you are the way you are. Learn your weaknesses and how they affect you. Identify and engage with your strengths. Recognise those who have always supported you in your life, appreciate them always. The more time you spend with yourself on a daily basis, the more you will understand the World because at the end of the day we are all One. Travel inside so you can conquer the outside World. Remember, you are what you eat, you are the company you keep and finally, you are who you want to be. ❤💜


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