When we learn to find the blessing in any situation, we've mastered this journey called 'life'..png

Life is almost like a video game. You know the type of game that has hidden features on each level? Finding them and collecting them wins you unlocked bonuses or features within the game. Yes, those games! Some of us go on with our lives without searching or being aware that each scenario in our life contains a blessing, especially during our toughest ordeals. If we open our minds a little further we will discover the blessings present in our daily lives and the fact that they are in disguise and we need to seek them out.

May we discover the blessings that are embedded in our pain, the blessings that are in our suffering and the blessings that are in our love.

Things may not be ideal right now.

But they are as they should be.

Trust the Universe.

Seek out your blessings! ❤💜


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