The part can never be well unless the whole is well. - Plato.png

‘The body cannot be healed while there remains an unquiet mind, the mind cannot be well if there’s emotional turmoil, and nothing can be whole unless the spirit is also considered.’

-Dr. Brenda Davies

I believe we were born into this Earth with all three entities connected, our mind, heart and soul. And during my travels on this journey called life, my entities, unfortunately, separated. The business-minded folk around me advised me to use my head in all scenarios because using my heart will only lead to pain. On the other hand, the empaths in my life told me to use my heart because my heart cannot want wrong for me (oh, but many times it did!). I have come to realise now that I am the only person who can listen to the callings of my soul and hence I am solely responsible to make all three re-connect. ❤💜


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