We must accept finite disappointment , but never lose infinite hope..png

I believed for so long that you were responsible for all that is good in this World. You were the one and only key to the chamber of abundance in this Life. I entrusted you with all my good in this Life. You owned the key to the chamber of my abundance in this Life. But little did I know, you trusted another with the key to your good in this Life. And so, the cycle continued, as we all placed our hopes in the hands of others instead of ourselves. Only to find out that others do not care very much for our hopes, dreams or happiness and the bitter truth is that they abandoned the responsibility without a blink.

How could I be so reckless?

To give such a huge responsibility of mine to someone else?

How could I?

Time and time again, did I not learn?

Actually, I loved.

Too much.

That’s why.

But hope is infinite and within hope resides love, faith and creativity.

I live once again.

This time anew.


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